Each year the Brussels Summer University offers the opportunity to discuss some key issues for the future of the Brussels Region. This year, it will (again) be held at the Université St Louis (43 Boulevard Botanique) on the first Saturday of September (05/09). In addition to workshops on the car-free centre, on the sharing economy and on the development of a Brussels history curriculum, there will be a workshop sponsored by the Marnix Plan (5 September 2015, 2-3.30 pm):

Why are there no trilingual TV channels and online newspapers in Brussels? After a quick look at the current situation, the workshop will explore the feasibility of such a project, and whether it could help strengthen the feeling of belonging to a Brussels urban community rather than just to one linguistic community.

Participants will include Kris Hendrickx (Hoofdredacteur - Brusselnieuws), Omry Apelblat (editor, The Brussels Times), Béatrice Delvaux (Editorialiste en chef - Le Soir), Robert Esselinckx (Hoofdredacteur - Tvbrussel, tbc), Marc de Haan (Directeur - Télé Bruxelles), Françoise Tulkens (Présidente - FRB-KBS) and Yvan Vandenbergh (bruxselsfuture - Aula Magna)

For the programme and registration, click here.