The objective of the Marnix Plan is to make the Brussels population more competent in French, Dutch and English. But more and more Brusselers have a mother tongue that is none of these three languages. Does the Marnix Plan make any sense for them? How can the Marnix Plan address the huge and growing challenge of Brussels’ linguistic diversity? Are there promising initiatives that show the way, whether inside or outside schools, for children or for adults, on the French- or Dutch-speaking side? What are the obstacles these initiatives face? How can they be improved? Can they be generalized?
These questions will be the focus of this year’s annual public event of the Marnix Plan. It will be held in French, Dutch and English on Saturday the 27th of September from 9am to 1pm in the Zinneke Room of the Brussels Information Point (Place royale, Koningsplein, 1000 Brussels). The bulk of the event will consist of workshops that will enable people involved in various initiatives to present and discuss their experiences, from the classes-passerelles to the brede scholen and the football club BXBrussels. The programme will be announced after the Summer. Information about interesting initiatives are most welcome at