The Brussels Region’s French Community Commission (COCOF) emphasizes the importance of competence in a second and even third language for access to good jobs. It wants to develop collaboration with Flanders’ employment office to encourage linguistic immersion in enterprises and to make the online language learning programme Brulingua accessible to all Brusselers, not only to the unemployed. It has also decided to create an integration set-up for newcomers of the sort provided in Brussels by the Flemish community for a number of years. The learning of French and of literacy will be central in it. The Common Community Commission (COCOM) will lend support to this process, whose language-learning dimension (either in French or in Dutch) has now been made obligatory for newcomers settling in the Brussels Region. All relevant passages in the programme are included in attachment.

Full text of COCOF agreement can be read here.
Full text of COCOM agreement can be read here.